Looking for the Perfect Gift for Dad...?

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Dad...?

Dad's done a lot for you over the years.  And you want him to be able to kick back and relax after a hard day.  So, a nice recliner for Christmas should do the trick, but where to start?   We asked Local Professionals at America's Furniture Warehouse about what you should look for when your shopping for a recliner.

Focus on the frame.  Look at the underside of the chair.  Learn the type of wood used to make the frame.   Check out the screws that hold the whole thing together: Are they heavy duty or rinky dink?

Make it move.  Test the reclining mechanism several times.  Make sure it moves smoothly and quietly.  Find out more about the reclining features.  For example,  Steel Tech Reclining features an exclusive reclining mechanism for smooth and quiet operation.

The material matters.  Leather, suede, fabric or vinyl. There are a lot of choices for upholstering your chair.  Each provides benefits and downsides.  Weigh your options (see chart below).  Once you make your choice, remember to talk to your sales person about the best ways to clean and protect your investment.

Sit on it.  Looks and quality construction are important, but how does it feel when you sit in it.  The chair needs to be comfy.  Spend some time, have a seat and relax.

Shop smart this holiday season and find the recliner that dad will be sleeping in for many holidays to come.

Material            Benefits/Downside

Leather             Water resistant, Durable /  High Cost

MicroFiber        Water resistant, Durable, resistant to abrasions  /  Takes regular care to avoid staining

Vinyl                Water resistant, Durable,   /    Torn by sharp objects, not comfortable

Wool                Sturdy, Durable     /   Not as Water or stain resistant

Linen                Resist pilling and fading   / Soils and wrinkles easily

Cotton              Resist pilling and fading durability depends on weave /  Soils and wrinkles easily