Cold adds to holiday experience

Cold adds to holiday experience

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Brookgreen Gardens is selling tickets in advance, and cold weather isn't stopping people from enjoying the experience. In fact, for many it's adding to the holiday mood.

"I actually think it's perfect," said Lesley Kelly. "It's just enough cold in the air to feel like it's Christmas time. So you get a chance to bundle up and it's nice to walk around, but it's not so cold that you're uncomfortable. I mean I don't even have gloves on."

Kelly comes to the gardens every year. It's part of her holiday tradition.

"I've been coming for about five years. I travel four and a half hours to get here. It's just one of the highlights of my holiday season. I love it here," Kelly said.

While the cold adds to the experience for some, workers and volunteers are using space heaters and heat lamps to stay warm. For them, the cold comes with the territory.

"It's not too bad, you're talking with people and having good conversations. I got a little heater for my ankles down there that seems to radiate pretty well," said Preston Moorhead, a staff member at Brookgreen Gardens. "It seems to go pretty well. Everyone's in good spirits and they all come prepared."

It's "a little on the chilly side, but nice and bright and clear," said Bob Ronan, a volunteer.

Last year, we had an unseasonably warm December. For people like Lesley Kelly, this temperature is perfect to enjoy the holiday season.

"It's a personal preference, I love to be able to see the smoke when I talk. But I'm not uncomfortably cold, so I think it's perfect," she said.

Even though temperatures will be dipping below freezing this weekend, spirits are high and hearts are warm tonight at Brookgreen Gardens.

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