Consider This: Former strip club to be demolished thanks to community action

Great news this week with the announcement that another abandoned and dilapidated building in Horry county is coming down.

The former strip club… Thee Doll House… has been empty for five years now and has become a disgrace along Restaurant Row.

The dispute over the business and the building has been ongoing with the county after new zoning meant it could no longer be used for adult entertainment.

So, there it sat.  Deteriorating and becoming an eye sore for us and tourists.

However, enough people living in the area decided that it was not acceptable and put forth the time and effort to make change happen. Because of that…the building will come down within 60 days and a new development will be built on that highly-traveled and visible site.

Consider This:  it was a long process, but it worked.  It's good to see residents take action and pride in their community and to have leaders who listen and then do something about it.

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