New housing development set for Market Common

New housing development set for Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Battery and South Market Row are two of the newest burroughs to add to the urban community at the Market Common.  Recently, signs for the new areas went up, announcing new single family and townhome lots for sale.

Myrtle Beach city planner Allison Hardin said zoning allows for a maximum of about five thousand lots to be built on in the area.  She said the Market Common is a known example of a successful military base transformation, continuing to grow tremendously.

The Market Common master plan was originally adopted in January 2005. Since then, it's undergone more than twenty changes.  Most of those changes are going back and forth between townhome, live-work and single family home zoning, which has become the staple of Market Common urban community living.

While much of the character of Market Common has to do with walkability, the clearing out of once empty lots to begin building single family homes and town homes has the people who live there wondering: where will visitors park?

Phil Pecora has owned his business Toffino's Italian Bakery and Deli on Farrow Parkway since 1995.  He said he's seen the area go from nothing to what it is now.  He said he's happy and impressed with the transformation of Market Common, but thinks parking needs to be prioritized with the growth.

"During the summertime when they have these festivals...and the festivals are only getting better, they're getting better, they're getting more people...and where is everybody parking? They're parking on these empty lots.  Well, pretty soon that's going to be all houses.  Where are all these people going to park?" Pecora asked.

Pecora has been an active voice in the community since owning his business, he said.  While the ability to sustain parking with continuous growth is worrisome to him, he said it's been positive to watch Market Common turn into a real neighborhood with active residents.  He said he used to be one of the only ones to show up to community meetings, now that's not the case.

"All of a sudden, for the first time, there was actually a neighborhood...people showing up to all these meetings.  That was the big change.  You know, before, it'd be like me and one other guy.  Now you have to go find a bigger room.  So this is becoming a neighborhood and it's only going to grow in power."

The Battery will be an area for single family homes, surrounding Pecora's bakery and deli.  The most recent amendment to the master plan was for these homes.  The amendment converted 80 townhome lots to 50 single family lots.  Closer to Howard Street, South Market Row will be a burrough of townhomes.

Myrtle Beach construction services said they haven't received building permits for these two neighborhoods yet.  When they do, there will only be three tracts left in Market Common to build.  One is already bought by a developer for apartments.  The other two are zoned for something like condos or a hotel, according to Hardin.

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