Former Florence officer requests resignation after termination

Former Florence officer requests resignation after termination

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A Florence police officer only talked to WMBF News about his request for resignation saying his name still isn't clear and that he was fired for wrongfully using his taser.

Adam Raynor said he loved his job as a police officer, and as of now he can't get a job again in law enforcement in the US. The whole reason he went before a grievance committee to begin with was to clear his name.

Raynor said, "Apparently there was something in the appeal that led the city of Florence to call me back and allow me to resign, so I would imagine that would be somewhat of me winning the appeal, but yet my name is still not cleared."

Raynor was not cleared because his current standing reads "resignation without misconduct," which is a change from his standing a week ago when it was "termination."

The city showed Raynor's body camera footage from the public grievance hearing on October 2 to show how the now former officer used his taser on a man who had a warrant out for his arrest. One week after the hearing the city called Raynor with its decision.

Drew Griffin, the Florence City Manager said, "Well it was simply that he asked if we would be able to resign and the city offered him that option and I am able to confirm that he accepted it and tendered his resignation."

Griffin said the city goes through a grievance procedure. He added, "I have to review that process and at the end of that period, I have some options and in this case one of those was to accept the resignation."

The day of the grievance hearing, the committee asked Raynor if he should have went hands on instead of using his taser. Raynor told WMBF News, he still stands by his decision.

Raynor said, "I used the amount of force necessary to protect myself and others.. and that's what we are taught, but when litigation between other departments and other people, now a days it's just created such an issue that from my understanding I should have gotten hurt before I was justified to do anything and that's not the way its supposed to be."

Griffin said the city's number one goal is to make sure employees always keep the best interest of the people who live in Florence in mind, and as for police officers thousands of dollars is spent on training officers properly.

Raynor said his next step is to appeal with the South Carolina criminal justice academy, and appeal his standing.

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