People relieved at Thee Dollhouse demolition plan

People relieved at Thee Dollhouse demolition plan

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A building open for over 20 years is run down and empty.

With it being torn down in 60 days, county leaders say it will be a win-win for everyone.

"6 years," an Eagles employee said.

That's how long a cashier has been working at Eagles, but every day when they come to work "it's an eye sore," an Eagles employee said.

They're referring to Thee Doll House just a few doors down, but after decades of dancers, alcohol and late night crowds, some folks are relieved it has finally come to an end.

Simply because they say the now vacant building doesn't add to the landscape of restaurant row.

"There a lot of richer class people living in the area, a lot of families looking for things for the kids to do such as put the race track up the road," Rainbow Falls employee Richard Myers said.

Richard Myers says it's disappointing to see things like adult clothing, shoes and mattresses laying out front near the road.

"A lot of families have complained," Myers said.

About a strip club they say attracted violence and crime for years.

"We used to get broken into a lot and a lot of people walking around late at night breaking things and stuff and in the last year a lot of that has calmed down around here," Myers said.

Now they hope a torn down strip club means new development for people who live here or for tourists visiting.

"More than likely it could be food, we're restaurant row," Myers said.

The goal is to turn it into a strip mall, but people who live in the area no matter what, say it's time to make room for a brand new business, a different type of business than what it is.

"Whatever that will make them walk up and down the streets and play and spend money I think that's more of what we need here," Myers said.

WMBF News reached out to the owner to see what exactly is planned for the building, but didn't get a call back.

County leaders say whatever the owner decides to use it for is up to him, it just can't be another adult entertainment business

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