Local experts weigh in on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition into White House

Local experts weigh in on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition into White House

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Local experts weigh in on President-elect Donald Trump's transition into the White House.

Throughout this election cycle we know it's hard to predict what Donald Trump will say or do next. Which is exactly what attracted some of his supporters. To start, our WMBF Political Expert, Holley Tankersley says the transition process never comes as easily as you'd hope for.

"…so presidents-elect, in this transition period, it's a little bit awkward. And it's been awkward for all presidents-elect. Because you have to, on the one hand, put together your administration which is going to give off clues as to what you might do policy wise, but you're also not in office yet," she explained.

Not being in office yet, hasn't seemed to stop President-elect Trump from going after some policy issues.

"Certainly President-elect Trump has made some statements, typically unmediated statements meaning directly on twitter or directly at rallies," she said.

"Typically presidents-elect before they make those kinds of statements will make sure that they are checking with the current administration first, or at least that they have set forth a policy plan in writing that they can refer to when they make these statements," she added.

However, the statements regarding our country, aren't necessarily the ones Tankersley would be concerned about. More so, the president-elect's early dealings with foreign powers.

"…making those kind of statements before you're in office while there is a current diplomatic core that may be working different angles. It's a little bit like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and that can have significant consequences when we talk about global affairs and global stability," she explained.

Turning to Trump's administration, Tankersley admits she's surprised with some of his picks, but is anticipating more answers to come from the next big appointments.

"I think the Secretary of State issue is now probably the one that is the most telling. If for no other reason than the buildup that they've created. By vetting some candidates very publicly and then not appointing anyone, and then vetting more candidates publicly and not appointing anyone," she said.

Beyond the Secretary of State appointment, Tankersley is waiting for other announcements expected any day now…the positions who do not need the senate's approval, and are closest to the White House.

"These are people that will work in close proximity with him on a daily basis. So looking at the policy advisers, the communications director, and the press secretary. I think that will tell us a lot about how he's going to operate on a day to day basis," she said.

Two other things Tankersley says we should be watching for, is how the president-elect will choose to communicate as he transitions into the White House. Tankersley wonders if he will continue to use Twitter as his outlet and is also curious to see what his first call as president will be.

"I will be interested to see if he changes on that style end of things. And the second thing I think you can look for all presidents as they enter office want to make a little bit of a statement, and they may issue or rescind an executive action," she said.

Right now there are about 6 and a half weeks until Trump takes the oval office.

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