Man charged in the shooting death of a man outside Myrtle Beach nightclub stands trial

Man charged in the shooting death of a man outside Myrtle Beach nightclub stands trial

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A man charged in the shooting death of a man outside of a Myrtle Beach nightclub is standing trial this week.

Prosecutors believe Kevin Bryant went to Club Levels the night of February 15, 2015 intending to kill.  While his attorney told the jury to remember, Bryant is innocent until proven guilty.

On Tuesday, the jury heard the opening statements from both sides, the prosecution and the defense.

The prosecution addressed the jury confident that Bryant was the only one who could have fired the fatal shot that killed 23 year old Saequan Vereen.

"He knew he was there to kill. He made sure he did that. Kevin Bryant and only Kevin Bryant fired that weapon," Assistant Solicitor Seth Oskin said.

The state went on to say there is only one verdict the evidence will allow.

"We are confident when you return, that you will return with the verdict of guilty. Please give Mrs. Wilson your attention. I thank you," he closed.

Turning it over to the defense, Kia Wilson asked the jury to remember two things.

"I'm asking very little of you, two things basically. One to keep in mind that beyond a reasonable doubt, is at the heart of what you are required to do. Everything you just heard in that opening statement, has to actually be supported by people that you find credible when they take the stand," she said.

Tuesday, some of those people taking the stand were Myrtle Beach police officers who responded to the scene that night.

The second thing Wilson asked the jury to remember is they must see Bryant as innocent throughout this process.

"…that he is innocent and wears that innocence through the entirety of this trial," she said.

Charges against a co-defendant in this case, Robbie Bufkin, were dropped this past May. Bufkin instead pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and was sentenced to 16 years in prison, according to court records.

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