Pamplico student successfully juggles homework, sports, community volunteering

McCormick plays football, basketball, and track for the Pamplico Raiders.
McCormick plays football, basketball, and track for the Pamplico Raiders.

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A star athlete at Hannah Pamplico High School in Florence County is winning in the classroom and in sports. Dazwon McCormick said when people tell him he can't do something -- it pushes him even harder, and it's that confidence and determination that he possesses, that makes him this week's Student Spotlight nominee.

Whether it is track, basketball or football, high school senior, Dazwon McCormick will be ready. "I just show up and show out, and handle business," McCormick said with a smile.

Dazwon has been handling his business for the past four years, for Hannah Pamplico Raiders. His sportsmanship shines, he is a team leader, and a volunteer in his community. McCormick dedicates his time to help the elderly, cleaning their yards, moving heavy items around their homes, and making home repairs. Nothing required, but just something McCormick wants to do. The young man also maintains over a 3.0 GPA average.

McCormick said, "It's a lot, it's challenging, but it gives me a lot to think about." But he says he is grateful for his team that helps him. "The good Lord, and next is my mama, she pushes me everyday," said McCormick.

The athletic and academic awards, medals and trophies McCormick has earned over his high school career are high in number and he says they all serve as visual proof for the people that doubt him.

"I've been told a lot, I suck, I'm not good, I can't do nothing, I can't do this, I can't do that, I'm not tall enough or fast enough, but I do it, I do it." said McCormick.

He says determination and positive energy always wins in his books, and self-doubt is never an option.

"I say to my self, remember all the stuff they said you couldn't do, and do it, and then sometimes I just say delete everything, and just blank out ,and just do it, so I push myself until I actually do it," explained McCormick.

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