Counterfeit money making its way through Grand Strand businesses

Counterfeit money making its way through Grand Strand businesses

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some local business owners said counterfeit money is starting to run through their registers.

For most, they're seeing two different types of fake cash.

A grocery store employee said they needed to adapt how they examine bills after "movie money" started showing up in their Grand Strand store.

Movie money looks like a normal bill, but when a person takes a closer look, they'll notice it says "for motion picture use only."  It can even be bought online.

It's popped up so often, some workers had to learn how to detect the counterfeit bills more efficiently.

In Myrtle Beach, Lundy Brigman said his store was hit in November with fraudulent money marked with Chinese writing.  He alerted police, and learned area businesses have also had an issue.

Brigman said this money was more advanced than typical counterfeit bills that may pass through his store.

"You know, if you just did the pen test on it, it would appear to be good," Brigman said. "But once you put it under the ultraviolet light, you would not see the strip in it and if you felt it, you wouldn't feel the grooves."

Brigman added the store is hit with counterfeit money every once in a while, but this is the first time he's seen the Chinese writing. He wants other businesses to be on the lookout, especially during the holidays.

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