Salvation Army keeps faith despite dip in kettle donations

Salvation Army keeps faith despite dip in kettle donations

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Salvation Army keeps faith despite dip in kettle donations.

The Salvation Army, is keeping its hopes high especially as so many continue to support those struggling after Hurricane Matthew.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, one of the Salvation Army's primary focuses, is bringing families a happy holiday season but for many families here, thinking about Christmas, feels surreal.

"Christmas is the last thing on their minds you know, they are just trying to get by day to day," David Repass, A Salvation Army Corps Officer, said.

While the Salvation Army is doing its best to take on that responsibility for these families, the organization can't help but notice the kindness pouring in, from the very families affected by the very same flooding, last year.

"It's a wonderful thing to see, literally in every corner of the county, how generous people are. And some may even be again the very same families who were affected by that flood, you're thinking... how they would turn around and think about giving to others but it is in their heart to think hey I was helped by someone and now I want to turn around and help somebody else. So that's always very heartwarming," he said.

It's an example like this that makes it easier for those behind the Salvation Army, to have faith the numbers will pick up. Especially because each year, the days land differently.

"Last year we had about 29 days that we were able to do the bell ringing, this year we are going to have a couple more days so again we are looking forward to making up some of that shortfall we may see now, as the days progress," she said.

"For those of you a little hesitant to give, it's important to remember two things. One--this money is raised and used locally and two, every little bit, certainly counts," he explained.

"It really is not about the size of the gift. We always talk about how it is the thought that counts, and that is truly what we believe. Even if it's just a few dollars that I can leave in the kettle and it may not be much but counted with all those others who were very generous and certainly makes for a great impression for the families who are receiving the help," Repass said.

The Salvation Army truly believes that impression, can create a lasting effect. To donate, the kettles are hard to miss at many local stores and malls and you can also donate online.

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