Renfrow’s dreams coming true at Clemson

Hunter's parents Tim and Suzanne. (Source: WMBF News)
Hunter's parents Tim and Suzanne. (Source: WMBF News)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Hunter Renfrow learned the quarterback position from his dad at Socastee High School. But it was apparently his guidance counselor mom who helped him become the elite Clemson wide receiver.

"I'd throw balls to him and he'd have to go all over the place to catch them," Suzanne Renfrow said. "But I enjoy throwing to him and I enjoyed having that time with him. God can use anything. He used my lack of athletic ability to help Hunter."

Three years after his playing days in the Grand Strand wrapped up, Hunter's parents see God doing much more for their son.

His father Tim says he's persistent, his mother says he's determined. When asked what word Hunter would use to describe himself, they agreed on blessed.

They may have never been more true than the 2015 National Championship Game when Clemson played against Alabama.

"When we got there, we were put in the seats in the end zone," said Tim. "We said, 'Man, we might not be able to see a whole lot,' but both of his touchdowns that game were right there in front of us."

Hunter scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, one to tie the game at seven, the other to give Clemson the lead.

"I was really, really excited on the first one," said Suzanne, "and the second one, I just remember kind of being just, just felt probably more emotional on the second one."

The walk-on turned starter, high school option quarterback turned elite wide receiver, and dreamer turned game-changer didn't stop making plays after his Freshman season.

One play, an acrobatic touchdown against Troy, ended with Hunter breaking his hand.

"The angle we were sitting at," said Tim, "we saw him catch the ball and we couldn't tell if he was in for sure until we saw the crowd reaction. We couldn't see he was hurt. When I saw the first replay I thought he had the breath knocked out of him."

Hunter missed four games, but his mother appreciated his attitude through the recovery.

"I loved his, this is Hunter, he called me on that Monday or Sunday afternoon and he said, 'Mom have you bought tickets for Boston College yet?' And I said, 'We have.' And he said, 'I'm not sure if I'm going to be there.' He was really more concerned with us having bought tickets and not being able to use them."

"I think that probably the toughest part was not being able to play against Louisville," Tim said. "He really wanted to play in that game just because it was such a big game for him."

Hunter eventually returned to action to face NC State, making six catches in the game. The following contest, he was able to cross a big dream off of his list.

"I didn't really know it until the week before because he doesn't talk about it a lot," Tim said. "He said one of his dreams was to catch a touchdown pass in Tallahassee against Florida State. It was special knowing he achieved that, something he wanted to do. The biggest thing, it was a touchdown for Clemson."

Hunter's mother is a Clemson graduate, and his father can see it's the perfect place for his son.

"There aren't many people that go to Clemson that don't love it," Tim said. "I don't know if it's like that at all colleges but it is at Clemson. As a dad, you're excited when any of your kids have success in anything they want to do. That's the big thing, we're just proud of him."

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