Myrtle Beach Airport installs new Uber lot

Myrtle Beach Airport installs new Uber lot

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new Uber parking lot at the airport could make catching a ride more convenient in Myrtle Beach.

The lot was opened on Thursday and will allow drivers to to take turns on a first-come-first-serve basis. The lot can hold up to 16 Uber drivers.

Drivers say it's already made the competition more friendly and fair.

"What most of the drivers have said is just give us a queue. Just give us a way so we're not fighting over each other on who's going to be the closest one to the passenger when they call," said Rich Kurtz, who visited the Uber lot for the first time on Sunday.

The new lot was installed after an agreement between Uber and the Myrtle Beach Regional Airport back in October.

"You'd get one driver who would park here and then another one would kind of squeeze in front of him, get out and walk towards the terminal, it was just kind of cut-throat. Here it's a little more civilized. Alright I'm number five? I'm number five," said Kurtz.

Drivers say the new lot will also help them financially.

"We were told to pay a $7 parking fee for each person we took out of the parking lot, that we picked up. So when we left the parking lot we would have to pay $7," said Tom Coffey, another Uber driver.

Those fees are now gone as well. The drivers say with the winter months offering less business, the lot will allow them to see how long the wait is, and if it's even worth their time.

"I did not know to be honest that I was competing against 12, 13, 14 Uber drivers when i was parking over there. Now they're here. Now if someone drove in right this moment, they'd be like ninth or tenth in line, which means they probably would be here the rest of the night and wouldn't get a call." said Coffey.

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