Loved ones of murder victim say accused killer should have been in jail

Loved ones of murder victim say accused killer should have been in jail
Laquan Johnson and his one year old son. (Gabrielle Harris)
Laquan Johnson and his one year old son. (Gabrielle Harris)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Conway man charged in a September murder remains at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center after his bond was denied. Meanwhile, the mother of the victim's children feels their father would be with them, had the accused murderer remained in jail.

Gabrielle Harris said Laquan Johnson, 22, of Loris, was her best friend and the father of three children, ages five, one and one month. The one-month-old is Laquan Jr.

Harris said Sept. 26 was the last day she would see Johnson alive.

"He came to my house to see the kids and myself," explained Gabrielle Harris.

Harris said had she known that would be the last time she would see him, she would have cherished that moment more. According to police reports, on Sept. 27, around 5 a.m. Horry County police officers responded to a call about a shooting at a home on Kimberly Drive in Conway.

The victim would be Johnson. He would be rushed to the hospital after being shot, and would later die from his injuries. Police reports said a woman was also inside the home. She said the gunman entered the home and stated he was going to "take everything," while holding a firearm.

Harris said her children's father would give anything to anybody if they asked.

"Anybody that knows Quan knows you don't have to take from Quan, because if you ask him for something, he'll give it to you," Harris explained.

Harris said it's hard for her now because she has to raise their kids without him, but with the help of his family.

"That was like the hardest day of my life," she said.

Wednesday, Javon Dion Gibbs, 22, of Conway, would be arrested and charged with Johnson's murder, while he was still out on bond for the 2013, kidnapping and murder of Aynor teen, Zach Malinowski. According to court records, Gibbs was released on bond in May. Harris says she feels her children would still have their father if Gibbs was never granted bond.

During his arrest, Gibbs was in possession of a trafficking amount of what is believed to be a controlled substance - cocaine. Javon Gibbs is presently detained at the Horry County Detention Center. He has been charged with murder, kidnapping, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and trafficking in cocaine.

"I really feel like if he was in jail, my kids would still have their father here today. And his mother would still have her child, and his sisters and brothers would still have their little brother, and I would still have my best friend," she said.

Now she is waiting, to make sure justice is served.

"I'm ready for the trial, the sentencing, and all that good stuff to happen," she said. "Then I will be able to maybe, possibly sleep a little bit better at night, knowing he won't be able to harm somebody else, or take the life of somebody else's father or son."

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