Police continue to find stolen guns from shop looted during Hurricane Matthew

Police continue to find stolen guns from shop looted during Hurricane Matthew

LONGS, SC (WMBF) – Police continue to find stolen guns from the Longs gun shop looted during Hurricane Matthew.

Five Star Guns is recovering, after the shop was broken into and looted during Hurricane Matthew when the shop lost power.

"We have restocked; the process is exhausting," said store manager Larry Williams. "The first thing you do is you get sick to your stomach knowing that somebody broke into your place and took your stuff. And then it goes into, well now we have to recover from this, do we stop, or do we push forward?"

Five Star Guns along Highway 9 in Longs, didn't see shutting down as an option. Together employees worked to put the completely ransacked store back together and even though this wound is still healing, truly believing they took every measure they could to keep these guns safe that night, recovering wasn't their only concern here.

"And then it goes right into, okay where are these guns at?" Williams asked.

Williams was worrying that so many of these guns are finding themselves in the wrong hands, but now some of them are being found.

On Tuesday, Horry County police say they've found two more of the guns stolen from Five Star during Hurricane Matthew. Now one man is facing federal charges in the case. Officers say 23-year-old Norod McCullough of Loris was trying to get his belongings, including one of the stolen guns, out of a repossessed car back in October when he was initially arrested.

On Monday, at the request of the ATF Violent Crimes Gang Task Force and US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Horry County Police helped find and take McCullough into custody on a federal indictment.

"Two hundred and something guns have been stolen and they've recovered five or six, they said," Williams explained. "Certainly not because they aren't working hard to do it. Those guys on the street are busting their tails trying to recover and find these guns."  

The small number leads those at Five Star Guns to think maybe this goes beyond the initial fear these guns made their way to the streets.

"But I think maybe the bad guys got spooked perhaps and maybe the guns aren't on the street like we thought," Williams added. "Maybe they're hidden or ditched or in the water."

No matter where these guns turn up, Five Star Guns isn't taking any chances. Still standing are the two 500 to 600 pound steel doors, now with a new clasp and security cameras.

"We have since revamped everything. We've gone through every bit and piece. We've gotten every angle of the building covered inside and out," Williams said.

Of course, there are other measures the shop isn't willing to tip anyone off to, to make sure they aren't an easy target.

"It was a hard lesson learned, which are usually the ones you remember the most," he said.

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