Horry County residents held responsible for discarding their yard debris

Horry County residents held responsible for discarding their yard debris

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - If you live in Horry County and haven't gotten your hurricane debris to your curb yet, you'll need to get rid of it yourself.

Over 106,000 cubic yards of debris have been picked up in unincorporated areas of Horry County, but that number will change daily.

Right now the county is about 75 percent complete with the final drive-by to pick up debris and expects to end with about 225,000 cubic yards.

It will take about two more months to finish cleaning up.

Right now this project has cost about 2.5 million dollars, but crews expect it to add up to about 4 million when everything is complete.

Crews are currently grinding down the debris, but there's a problem. They aren't sure what to do with the chips because they can't find anyone to buy the debris, simply because our area isn't the market for it.

So now Horry County is waiting for approval from DHEC to burn it all.

Overall, county leaders are pleased with the quick turnaround especially with your help.

"With any effort we obviously have some complaints, but I think overall the majority of the folks are pleased that we have been picking it up off the roads and in the flooded areas," Assistant County Administrator and Engineer Steve Gosnell said.

If you live in Horry County and crews already came by to get your debris, remember that's the last time you will see them.

If you keep it in your yard, the county wont penalize you, but it will be your responsibility to get rid of it.

Crews are hoping to get done with everything by January.

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