Cyber Monday giving Black Friday a run for its money

Cyber Monday giving Black Friday a run for its money

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Get the blanket and your coffee ready, it's that time again to cozy up in front of your computer screen to do some online shopping.

This Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest one yet especially when a lot of you traded trips to the mall for shopping online.

Numbers are showing shortening hours of holiday shopping into a series of clicks is now the attractive option.

Simply because people are becoming more comfortable spending money online.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, numbers will reach up to $3.36 billion in online sales which is a 9.4 percent growth from years past.

More than ever before, shoppers are projected to use their mobile devices to cash in on those deals online.

But out of all the places you can shop, Cyber Monday is a big day for Amazon.

It will roll out more than 75,000 sales today and through the week on things like toys, electronics and video games.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, people joked saying Cyber Monday has become Cyber Week, and November is turning into Cyber Month.

While many are still hungover from all the Thanksgiving food, from the numbers point of view, it appears there's no letup in sight in people's appetite for chasing deals today.

"You see everything, instead of just one store, that's definably the way it's going, this is going to get smaller and smaller I'm sure with the years to come, Cyber Monday shopper John Dorr said.

Buy a Wireless Samsung Soundbar for only $119 on Wal-Mart's website.

Walmart also has an Apple IPad Air 2 on sale for $489.

Throw an old camera lens out, and see clearly by saving $132 on a Nikon lens from Amazon.

You can also get a 50-inch LED TV on Amazon's website for $399 and a fire stick to go with it to watch Netflix and Hulu for only $30.

Order anything on Target's website and get an extra 15 percent off.

If you're looking to take a vacation, several chains including Marriott and Starwood as well as smaller stand-alone properties are offering steep cyber sales.

Some with up to 50 percent off room rates.

People looking to take part in Cyber Monday say it's the convenience that will eventually knock Black Friday out of the park.

"They can do it at work, they can do it at home, they don't have to go out to the store and wait in line, it allows access for everybody, plus being able to see every single store just on your screen instead of traveling store to store, you can capitalize on the deals and save more money," Dorr said.

With Cyber Monday becoming the new big shopping day remember you are just as vulnerable to thieves online as you are in the store.

Use caution and stay on your toes and make sure you're using a legitimate website because people are always waiting to prey on any misstep a shopper makes.

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