Black Friday shoppers in Grand Strand say crowds not an issue this year

Black Friday shoppers in Grand Strand say crowds not an issue this year

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Shopping centers like Tanger Outlets and Market Common didn't seem as packed as you may think for Black Friday this morning. Shoppers think it may be due to all the other deals throughout the holiday weekend.

Arlene Johnson, along with her mother and sister, say there hasn't been that Black Friday madness they've see in recent years.

"Well I think it started yesterday. Some stores opened at 4 after Thanksgiving dinner," said Johnson.

With other events like Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday creeping into the holiday weekend tradition, holiday deals may be spreading out.

"Because we even made that comment 'Oh we could just get that online.' I think shopping online with that coffee in your hand on the couch is a lot better. You still get your Black Friday deal and you don't have to come out," said Johnson.

Some retailers say the crowds haven't been nearly what they used to.

"I've been here since 7 am this morning and it's been dead," said Brittney McCray, who works at Famous Footwear.

Big retailers like Best Buy didn't seem to have those big lines like many are accustomed to seeing on Black Friday, but Arlene and her family say that's alright by them.

Others say business has been steady.

"We've been around. This is our third Christmas. We're super-excited, we've got some good sales going on so it's been a fun day," said a retail worker at Charming Charlie's.

"I don't think it's good or bad. I think it is what it is. The consumer gets to set that pace," said Johnson. "It's just shopping just like it would be any other day, except of course we want the discounts."

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