New HCFR fire apparatus out of service for mechanical issues

New HCFR fire apparatus out of service for mechanical issues

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Several new fire engines that were supposed to improve operations for firefighters in Horry County are out of service.

Horry County Fire Rescue received 10 fire engines, two ladder trucks and one tanker from KME, a fire apparatus manufacturer based in Pennsylvania.

Battalion Chief Brian VanAernem said four engines and one ladder truck have been out of service for an extended period of time due to mechanical issues.

He said electrical, drivetrain and cooling system issues are the range of reasons the engines had to be pulled from service.

He said they're with KME being fixed.

Older engines are being used in their place, which were kept on as spares in case anything ever had to be out for general maintenance.

VanAernem said those are older, worn out and have higher mileage, but they still operate and are in safe working condition, otherwise they wouldn't have kept them.

He said the mechanical problems with the KME trucks are a hindrance because they cause downtime for crews who have to switch their gear out of the trucks. Overall, he said it's not a favorable situation.

In February, WMBF News reported two pumpers were out of service after initial delays in receiving the equipment.

VanAernem said Horry County Fire Rescue isn't doing business with KME anymore.

He said the next order of trucks will come from Pierce. He said they're in the process of manufacturing them now and the first of those will be here the beginning of the year.

One tanker is also out of service right now being fixed after VanAernem said it was rear-ended.

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