Florence officer fights termination for alleged misuse of taser

Florence officer fights termination for alleged misuse of taser

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – A former Florence Police officer who was fired for allegedly using his taser on a suspect whose back was turned in October and lying about it argued his case at a hearing Tuesday morning.

On October 2, then-Officer Adam Raynor was called to the Florence Walmart parking lot for a man who had warrants out for his arrest. Raynor reportedly used his taser on the man from the back and arrested him.

The City of Florence argued during the hearing that this violates the use of a taser, because the man was not a threat. The city further argued that the incident report filed by Raynor had false information. An internal investigation revealed that Raynor had lied about the details on the incident.

During the Tuesday hearing, Raynor argued that the suspect had a weapon. The city responded that the small knife in the suspect's pocket was not discovered until after the arrest. Raynor further said the suspect was a "big man" who was wanted.

Raynor is a military officer with PTSD, so he said he has memory loss in stressful situations, which could have led to the problems with the incident reports.

The city stood by their termination of Raynor during the hearing.

Raynor said at the hearing that he didn't ask for the hearing to get his job back, but to show that he resigned and was not terminated. He said that he would like to be a police officer somewhere else, and will have difficulty if there is a termination on his record.

The case will now go to the committee and the city manager, and a decision will be made within 20 days.

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