Rat droppings and roaches found in local restaurants

Rat droppings and roaches found in local restaurants

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Before dining out this weekend, diners will want to know there's a bit a of pest problem at some restaurants along the Grand Strand.

Victoria's Country Cooking, located on Third Avenue South in Myrtle Beach, earned an overall score of 90. According to the health inspector's report, bulk containers were soiled with dirt, dust and debris.

Wall areas in the kitchen were in poor repair and holes were observed in multiple locations. The report also states a live roach was crawling on food containers and several dead roaches were observed throughout the restaurant.

Mouse droppings were noted in the dry storage areas as well. The report stated the owner was calling pest control.

However, other violations were corrected at the time of the inspection, like the dish machine operating without detergent. Owner Linette Johnson said all of the violations have been corrected since the inspection.

Johnson said she is working with a pest control company to rectify the rodent problem. However, she added that of her 16 years in business, she's never had a score this low or a problem.

According to Johnson, Hurricane Matthew could have been a reason for the pest problem. She says a health inspector will be back next week for a follow-up visit and she is confident she will earn a perfect score.

Those who work near the restaurant say they eat there quite often and were surprised to hear about the violations.

"It's been a while since I've been there, but I know that they've got a good breakfast, lunch and dinner so it is a bit surprising," said Neil Blackburn, who was working near the restaurant.

The restaurant earned an overall A score of 90.

Masala Myrtle Beach, a restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine and located at 1711 N. Kings Hwy., earned a B. The inspector noted a pest problem.

According to the report, roaches were seen around the molding of the ceiling by the dish machine. The inspector also noted some improper cool time and temperatures for some foods.

Ready-to-eat foods were not properly date marked. Chicken thawing in standing water was observed and the inspector also noted the restaurant used a take-out bag to store some chicken.

Grease build-up was found under some cooking equipment.

WMBF News was told the owner of the restaurant was unavailable when a reporter visited for comment.

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