Chairman: Overcrowding causing long lunch lines at Horry County Schools

Chairman: Overcrowding causing long lunch lines at Horry County Schools

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - An overcrowding at Horry County Schools is causing longer lines in the cafeteria, thereby limiting the time students have to eat.

Kelly Leonard said her kids have been taking their lunch to school every day since they started at Carolina Forest High School.

"My one son's been bringing it since day one and my other since he hit high school because he said that the lines are too long and by the time he gets there the bell's ringing and he doesn't have time to eat." Leonard said.

This issue is not a new one, said Horry County Schools Board Chairman Joe Defeo.

"Definitely aware of it. I've handled a few complaints in the past and those particular complaints were resolved. It's a little harder to resolve them at Ocean Bay Middle, where it's very overcrowded, but that will be alleviated next year." Defeo said.

With five new schools on the way, Defeo said overcrowding should soon come to an end. However, extending the time for lunch can be tricky.

"If you shorten the classroom period in general, that seating time doesn't exist and therefore you're in violation," he said.

Leonard said she understands the issues, but wants to see them fixed.

"I love the school, but yeah, I think that the crowdedness and the kids are bringing lunches because of the long lines and stuff like that," she said.

For those parents whose children are having trouble eating before the lunch period is over, they should contact the school's principal or call the district office and accommodations can be made.

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