Wayfinding signs may be coming to Myrtle Beach soon

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new way to get around the city of Myrtle Beach should be arriving within the next year.  'Wayfinding' signs are popping up in cities throughout the United States, and most recently have been placed up and down the Grand Strand.

The wayfinding signs were installed in April.  A link to the WMBF News story is here.  Georgetown recently installed their own signs, and now, Myrtle Beach plans to do the same.

The project isn't necessarily new.  It's been discussed for years, but the designs for the Myrtle Beach signs arrived this week.

The wayfinding signs along the Grand Strand use a color code system.  Myrtle Beach will use that as well.  However, the Grand Strand signs' purpose is to relieve Highway 501 and 17 Bypass traffic by re-directing to Highways 31 and 22.

Myrtle Beach's signs are aimed to bring people in to the city.  Myrtle Beach Director of Planning Carol Coleman said the signs will be installed in phases.  The first will be put near 17 Bypass.  Then, as money becomes available, signs will be placed along Grissom Parkway and Kings Highway.  Next, smaller signs will be installed near walkable areas like the Boardwalk.  Coleman said some signage placement for these signs correlates with the findings of the city's walkability studies.

Coleman said the signs should appear in the next year.  Myrtle Beach City Council liked the idea, she said.  However, it must pass the Community Appearance Board before heading to council for the official go ahead.

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