City leaders crack down on rental violations, Super Block issues in Myrtle Beach

City leaders crack down on rental violations, Super Block issues in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some people living in residential areas of Myrtle Beach are renting their homes for short-term vacations rentals and the City of Myrtle Beach says it's going to put a stop to that.

The current status was a 30 day limit, but now city council is saying short-term rentals can now be no less than ninety days.

City leaders did this because traditional residential neighborhoods don't want to deal with issues that come with short-term rentals like rowdy vacationers, noise, and unkept properties.

This new law is designed to protect permanent neighborhoods and has no effect on condos or hotels in zones intended for short-terms.

The issue came about when people in residential beach neighborhoods were renting homes for AirBNB, but now people can no longer do that.

Myrtle Beach city spokesperson Mark Kruea says people would even go as far as lying about renting out homes.

"The city cares because our neighborhoods care, if you're living next door to a short-term rental, but you're in a permanent residential area, having new neighbors roll over every week or so, it's a disruption to the neighborhood, noise, extra trash, extra vehicles, it's just not what the residential zone is intended for," Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Mark Kruea said.

This will all go through the planning commission to solidify the new "short term rental" term.

Then it will be back to council for review in December for second reading. This is really a formality as it's already a law.

Nothing good happens after two o'clock in the morning in Myrtle Beach, that's the theory behind why a couple of changes are being made in the Super Block area in Myrtle Beach.

The Super Block area includes Nance Plaza and the area bounded by 8th Ave North, Broadway, 501 and Main Street.

Leaders are saying within those areas some changes need to go in place to make a statement that leaders need more safety, security, and responsibility in and around the Superblock.

The Super block has been prone to a lot of violence lately like the shooting at Pure two weeks ago.

So in response, police put in place a no parking restriction from 2:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night, that's now permanent and signs reflecting that are already in place.

Now officials want to change the zoning ordinance to say places serving alcohol cannot continue to serve after 2:00 in the morning.

City officials also want to rebrand the Super Block, so it becomes better known as five points.

City leaders say although changes will be made, and some businesses have expressed their concerns, they're looking to continue to have both successful and special events there.

"People lose sight of the fact that its located a block and a half from the ocean, it's a historic district and it is old, it represents old downtown Myrtle Beach, so if you talk to the people that are from here, if they talk about what they used to do when they were in high school or even before that when they would go to a movie that's where they would go," Director of Planning Carol Coleman said.

There's no word on when officials will change the language in the zoning ordinance about alcohol being served, but the no parking after two in the morning is in effect.

Leaders are hoping rebranding will encourage businesses to focus on positive possibilities the area has to offer rather than the negative.

Right now a flood victim fundraiser is in the works and another idea floating around is for a potential sidewalk cafe.

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