UPDATE: Plane makes emergency landing on Hwy. 378 in Marion County

UPDATE: Plane makes emergency landing on Hwy. 378 in Marion County
The plane on Highway 378. (Source: David Williams)
The plane on Highway 378. (Source: David Williams)

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A single-engine plane with three people on board caught fire and had to make an emergency landing on Highway 378 in Marion County Friday morning.

Lavenia Jones says she watched the plane land outside of her home.

"I heard a loud noise. It sounded like metal beating really loud. I looked out the window and saw the plane coming down. The front of it was engulfed in fire. So he landed in front of my house. He hit my mail box. He rolled and he stopped here." said Jones.

The plane landed on the roadway near Brittons Neck at about 8:30 a.m. Friday, according to Joey Price with Marion County Emergency Management. It has since been moved off the roadway. Traffic was not affected.

The plane caught fire while in the air, and the pilot landed plane, Price said. Two pilots and one passenger were on board, and no injuries were reported.

After the plane landed, one of the pilots ran over to an 18-wheeler, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and put out the fire, according to officials.

The plane was reportedly making a commute from Mt. Pleasant to Raleigh, North Carolina.

The FAA was called out to inspect the plane.

The three occupants declined to be interviewed but did say the plane is unable to fly. All three have returned to Mt. Pleasant.

The fixed wing, single-engine plane was a 2011 Cirrus Design Corp SR22 registered to an Admiral Aviation Holdings LP out of Wilmington, Delaware, according to information from the FAA.

Cirrus Design Corp SR22 aircraft were involved in 13 accidents in 2016, including three that were fatal. That model was involved in 7 accidents in South Carolina since 2009, two of which were fatal.

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