Horry County played vital role in Trump victory

Horry County played vital role in Trump victory

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A Donald Trump presidential victory is not something everyone predicted. But some local GOP leaders did, and the Horry County GOP Headquarters had a part to play in the win.

Even when there was a Republican candidate field of 17, local Horry County GOP Chairman Robert Rabon believed in Donald Trump.

WMBF News Reporter Meredith Helline spoke with him a day before the South Carolina Primary Election in February.

"It's not a mystery at all. Because the reason is the people are tired of so many of the politicians sounding like clones. They're programmed to say. One of the candidates a few weeks ago got accused about being scripted - saying the same thing over and over - and Donald Trump is anything but scripted, isn't he?" said Robert Rabon.

The rest of the campaign proved Trump's 'unscripted' reputation to be true.

Rabon said Trump will bring America's money back to America. He said he expects Trump to immediately repeal Obamacare and build an unbelievably-talented cabinet and group of individuals around him to aid him in his presidency.

Rabon said later in Trump's term, he expects money to go toward improving some Horry County roads and improvements to infrastructure, specifically bringing education control to the state level.

Rabon said he never wavered in Trump support. One reason is Trump's experience in creating jobs.

"Their income tax back from 35 percent to 15 percent with a plan tied to it. We're cutting your taxes by 20 percent but you have to invest that in your business, and creating jobs," Rabon said.

The Horry County GOP Headquarters was the number one calling center in the nation for Donald Trump, according to Rabon. He said headquarters made about 20,000 calls a day as the general election approached. Calls ranged across the nation, from battleground states Ohio and North Carolina to local calls at home.

Rabon said he's proud of the Horry County Republican sweep. He hopes to see positive change. One stand-out race was the Horry County Council District 3 seat. Former Councilman Jimmy Washington was defeated by Republican challenger Dennis DiSabato, a local attorney. The District 3 seat was held by a Democrat for nearly 20 years.

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