Many voters question accuracy of polling techniques

Many voters question accuracy of polling techniques

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After more than a year of polling and examinations, claiming Hillary Clinton could not lose, the outcome has many people scratching their heads about the accuracy of polling techniques.

The United States of America's survey companies and media polls consistently predicted a Clinton victory.

Many voters are now wondering whether there might be some re-examination as to how they come up with their results.

The surveys in Horry County and South Carolina had it right. Trump ran away with the victory here, as predicted in our area, but those who failed are giving researchers plenty to study.

"In looking at voter trends and voter coalitions certainly you know it looks like whether it was a turnout factor or whether it was failure of polls, public opinion polls, to pick up some of the things that were going on under the surface of the electorate," said Political Expert Holley Tankersley.

CORRECTION: Hillary Clinton is now winning the popular vote, not Donald Trump, as of 1 PM Wednesday, Nov. 9th.

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