Coastal Carolina football gets out to vote

WEB EXTRA: Moglia discusses voting as a team

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – Coastal Carolina took a break from its weekly game preparation on Election Day to pay a visit to its polling precinct – as a team – to vote for the country's next president. It's not just about football with this team – the election is a topic that the Chants have learned a lot about this season.

"We actually give up 30 minutes of practice every week," head coach Joe Moglia said. "And we talk about things that are only relevant (to) what's going on in the world, or stuff that might affect our guy's lives."

Issues outside of football is nothing new to the team – but this political season, practice has served as another learning outlet for the what is going on throughout the country.

"We had a mock debate, a couple weeks ago," Moglia said. "We had somebody represent (Democratic nominee) Hillary (Clinton) and someone represent (Republican nominee Donald) Trump. The guys had an opportunity to ask questions. That session was supposed to last 30 minutes. We actually went over an hour. We had to push practice meetings back, I had to push practice back."

"This past semester I definitely learned a lot more than I ever have," offensive lineman Chase Tidwell said. "It's been great, because I feel more educated about it and better about voting and who I'm going to pick for."

The message has gotten through to the team, which understands the importance of Election Day.

"I do believe this is something that I'll remember for the rest of my life," said linebacker Kerron Johnson. "I got to go out, my first time voting and be with my brothers, and teammates, that I probably (won't) be able to say that again."

"This is the biggest event going on in the world today," Tidwell added. "This is what's going to decide the leader in the next four years of our country, and this is something important that we're taking very seriously, and I'm happy the whole team came out here to vote, and I'm glad everyone is out supporting each other and supporting this country."

After the team finished voting Tuesday morning, it resumed its normal practice schedule and aims to be ready to host the Bryant Bulldogs on Saturday at 2:00.

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