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Thursday at 11PM

WMBF Investigates a Florence Triple Homicide

(Source: WMBF News) (Source: WMBF News)

THURSDAY AT 11PM – WMBF News Investigates a triple homicide that rocked a tight knit local community. 

“All three victims were shot multiple times,” says Lt. Kathleen Streett with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. 

“It was just a shock…a real shock,” says Doris Matthews, the sister of the one of the victims. 

“Did she beg them not to shoot her?” exclaims a victim’s mother. “Did she cry out for me? 

It’s a case that’s turned cold, but deputies are determined to crack it.

“We need the missing piece,” Lt. Streett says.

Tune in to WMBF News, Thursday at 11 p.m., as WMBF News Investigates this Florence triple homicide.

View web-exclusive bonus video below:

Detective breaks down the case 

Victim’s mom talks about her daughter

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