Family of man killed in accident struggling with mounting bills

Family of man killed in accident struggling with mounting bills

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - What was supposed to be a quick trip to Walmart for 49-year-old Raye Farrar took a tragic turn. An accident left his two children without a father and his deaf wife without a husband.

"I thought he was gone for a bit too long, you know I'm texting him. You know, where are you? No answer.  Next thing I know I've got troopers on my front porch, and they're like 'Oh your husband was in an accident.' So I'm like 'Okay, which hospital? I'll go get him.' And they are like 'No, he's not coming home,'" Tina said in tears.

Her children, Amy, who is 11 years old, and Michael who is 13 years old, heard Tina screaming. Tina says the motorcycle was nothing but a heap of metal, and the only thing to come out of the accident unscathed were Raye's riding boots. A grim thought for Tina: her son asked to go with him that night.

"…he said no not this time Mike. And I thank God, I thank God. But if I lost both I would be catatonic right now. I mean I'm not in great shape losing him, but I would be a million times worse if I lost them both," she said.

Tina has to stomach driving by the crash scene every day, and passing the cross she placed there in Raye's memory, but she knows she has to stay strong for her children, something she's struggling with financially now that Raye is gone.

"So it's, I pay this guy, and these guys say you're late paying, turns out it was due the day he died. So nobody knew about it nobody paid it," she said.

Though Raye was a veteran and served in the Navy, Tina says she is having trouble collecting benefits, and social security payment.

"I tell people okay, he's deceased. 'Well okay we have to have the death certificate.' Well we won't have those for another ten to twelve weeks, I'm told," she said.

Tina says the bills aren't the only things building up.

"We've got a pile of condolence cards already just a stack high that I've got to respond to. But sitting down and writing out thank you notes, is another nail of finality that I haven't quite been able to approach yet, because when you write them, it makes it more real," she cried.

Tina, who is trying to put together pictures of the past for Raye's memorial service, is having the hardest time coping with the thought of him not being there in the future, especially when it comes to Amy and Michael.

"He'll be playing in jazz band and jazz performances this Friday, and Raye would have been there and Raye would have taken him to the football game to play the game, you know he would have been there for all her plays and musicals that she's in," she said.

As much as it pains her to ask for help, she knows she needs to for her children. Though she is trying not to break down, she admits she's still struggling with the fact things may only get harder before they get any easier and when she can, she still talks to her husband.

"Sometimes to have my mini conversations with Raye, why didn't you take the car keys, why didn't you do this. To tell him how hard it is, to tell him that we need him," she said tearfully.

Right now there is a Go Fund me account set up for the Farrar Family. You can help by donating.

Raye's memorial service is November 19th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Lee Funeral Home and Crematory.

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