Cherry Grove dredging schedule released

Cherry Grove dredging schedule released

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The first dredges of the Cherry Grove dredging project are working.

According to information from North Myrtle Beach city spokesperson Pat Dowling, one dredge near the "E" Canal between 42nd and 43rd avenues north is operational as of Friday.

Another working dredge is several blocks down in the Minor Channel, Dowling said.

"The dredged material flows through a pipeline that winds along the southern edge of the marsh, on to land, under Little River Road and ultimately winds up in a huge spoils basin where it will de-water over time and then be moved to a final resting place," Dowling said.

After years of court proceedings, funding questions and back and forth between the city and Cherry Grove property owners, the dredges arrived in October and the digging began.

Though some property owners weren't exactly thrilled about having to contribute to the $16 million project - having to pay upwards of $2,400 a year for up to 10 years - city spokesman Pat Dowling said the arrival of the dredges is really opening eyes.

The current plan calls for dredging from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily, according to Dowling. This could change if circumstances develop that require a longer working schedule.

The dredging project will cost $16 million. It is expected to continue to through March.

According to a Nov. 5 schedule released by the City of North Myrtle Beach, crews will dredge the following dates and locations: 

  • Nov. 5 through 7 between 42nd and 43rd avenues North
  • Nov. 8 through 10 between 43rd Avenue North and Rice Circle
  • Nov. 11 through 13 between 44th and 45th avenues North
  • Nov. 13 through 19 between 45th and 46th avenues North
  • Nov. 5 through 13 in the channel that runs perpendicular to above avenues

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