Gov. Haley helps hurricane relief efforts in Conway

Gov. Haley helps hurricane relief efforts in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Those who lost everything after Hurricane Matthew are getting some extra help from the governor.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley spent ample time with multiple victims of the recent floods on Friday, sitting down with them and listening to their stories as they became visibly emotional.

"It hurts. You know it hurts to have to hear about the damages that people have," Haley said.

Haley spent Friday afternoon at the Conway Recreation Center filling 500 boxes worth of essential items for those in need, then making her rounds to speak to the community.

"It's our motivation on why we need to build everything up and let everyone know that if we can get through that flood in record time, then we can get through this hurricane in record time too," she said.

Haley applauded the efforts of volunteers along with every organization that is making their presence known in Horry County. She also addressed the concerns some have with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and federal assistance.

"We learned a lot about FEMA last year during the flood," Haley said. "You saw most of the state underwater, and that's where we really got to learn about FEMA. What they are is they're a great partner coming in, but it's temporary. So what you do is you file for individual assistance. They tend to deny around 75 percent of that, and that's where people need to appeal because that's when they really look at it. So don't be discouraged by the first denial. You need to go back and appeal."

Haley received some support for her handling of Hurricane Matthew as well as some criticism. She was asked, with all things considered, is there anything she would have done differently?

"I'll never be happy with a tragedy," she said. "That's something that you always sit there and one you don't wish on anyone, but when it happens, your goal is to take care of everyone."

Those who missed Friday's event can still register online for FEMA assistance by going to

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