More than 900 absentee voters reported daily

More than 900 absentee voters reported daily

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – With the presidential election less than a week away, a lot of people are already casting their ballots.

The local election office in Conway is reporting more than 900 people are voting per day as absentee voters.

"Typically we have a line from when we get here to when we leave almost," said Sandy Martin, the director of registration and elections for Horry County.

Martin said there was a line at 7 a.m., Friday and the election office doors don't open till 8 a.m. By the afternoon, it wasn't much different and voters could tell before they even stepped foot inside.

"It was tough to find a parking spot," said absentee voter Valerie Jones. "We ended up parking over there next to the wall."

Inside, the lobby was full and lines wrapped around the halls. Callers were on hold until their questions could be answered and workers were busy processing voters as fast as they could.

Each voter was asked why they were voting absentee.

"I'm voting absentee because I have to go to Charleston on Tuesday," said Jones Wright.

Whether these voters were going to be traveling, over 65 years old, disabled, students or in the military, they made it a point to stand in line Friday.

"I would say it was 45 minutes to come all the way back up to the front, sign the paperwork, give them all my information and then go in and cast my ballot," Wright said.

These voters, whether they were voting Republican or Democrat, agreed everyone needs to come out and vote.

"Use consciousness. Vote for who you think can do the best for you," Wright said. "That's all you can do, but you must exercise the right to vote. Don't stay home, because if you stay home no one wins."

Those who want to vote absentee have until 5 p.m., Monday.

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