Not just Clinton or Trump - South Carolinians have 7 presidential candidates to choose from

Not just Clinton or Trump - South Carolinians have 7 presidential candidates to choose from

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – While many voters are deciding between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the two major party candidates, in South Carolina, the reality is there are seven presidential hopefuls to choose from.

Aside from what acting chair and associate professor of politics at Coastal Carolina University, Frederick Wood, calls the major third parties, voters will notice three more on the sample ballot.

Those are the Independence, the American and the Constitution parties. However, those three aren't as well known.

Wood says this is because those parties are not in the media as much, if at all, and rely on voters seeking them out on social media and the internet.

In looking them up, WMBF News started with the Constitution Party, a party Wood describes as one that believes citizens should only do exactly what the federal government is allowed to do.

"This is Darrel Castle. This guy has a neat thing, he's from the Constitution Party, he believes that the federal government shouldn't collect taxes at all but what it should do instead is have the states collect taxes for the federal government in proportion to their population," Wood said.

Up next is the American Party, one with direct ties to South Carolina in both how it was founded and who is running.

Peter Skewes is a professor at Clemson University and Wood said the party's goal is to find middle ground solutions between Democrats and Republicans.

"So, on the one hand, they could talk about promoting a culture of family values which would appear beneficial to Republicans, but on the other hand they could talk about having a government safety net to help parents, provide them with social services to help them parent, which would be more of a Democratic position," he said.

Last but not least is the Independence Party.

"Evan McMullin was a candidate who arrived in the summertime as some Republicans were looking for an alternative to Donald Trump. He has worked for the CIA in the past and he will be on the ballot for about 20 different states," Wood said.

Wood believes South Carolinians will be able to find a candidate who matches their political views come Election Day.

"And having a lot of choices on the political spectrum - really conservative to fairly liberal - you will have an opportunity to have somebody who reflects your point of view," Wood explained.

For those who are undecided, Wood suggested printing out a sample ballot and looking up every candidate.

That sample ballot can be found here.

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