Meet the candidates running for Florence County Sheriff

Meet the candidates running for Florence County Sheriff

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -Two contenders are going head-to-head in the race to be the next sheriff of Florence County.

WMBF News Spoke with both of them to help you better decide come next Tuesday.

“We have went to a proactive agency we are now pretty self-sufficient. We have air support with military surplus equipment that we have acquired,” said current Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone.

For the past 12 years, Sheriff Boone has called the shots. Boone said those 12 years have brought impeccable strides across Florence County.

“We have probably seized close to four to five million dollars in cash off the interstates, somewhere in the neighborhood of forty to fifty million in drug seizures off of out interstates and highways,” Boone said.

Boone said he has more plans up his sleeve to get more criminals in jail and provide crime victims answers faster by adding a ballistics and DNA unit to the Sheriff’s office.

“Right now with those two, with ballistics and DNA we have to send those off to SLED to assist us with that. They are bombarded with other agencies throughout the state and time is of the essence in getting information back for the judicial process,” Boone said

Another name that you’ll see on the ballot box is former Florence County Deputy and Florence Police officer Jody Lynch.

“I was with the Air Force as a security police officer. I went on to the Florence Police department as a SCOP, which is a community-oriented police officer,” Lynch said.

In total, Lynch said she’s been in law enforcement for 20 years.

Lynch said if you are looking for change, she is the woman for the job.

“People are eager for change. This is a whole new generation, a whole new style of policing fancy equipment and all that is great, but I’m going to start a resident deputy program,” Lynch said.

Lynch added she wants nine deputies to oversee community relations in the nine districts which make up county.

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