UPDATE: Bond set at $20K for Myrtle Beach doctor accused of sexually assaulting woman

UPDATE: Bond set at $20K for Myrtle Beach doctor accused of sexually assaulting woman
John Alexander Webb. (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)
John Alexander Webb. (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A doctor working for the Grand Strand Medical Center was arrested for criminal sexual conduct and is accused of giving Valium and alcohol to a woman before sexually assaulting her at his home.

Dr. John Alexander Webb, 40, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to Lt. Raul Denis with the Horry County Police Department.

According to the HCPD report, the 41-year-old victim told police that she met Dr. Webb in early October 2016, when she was outside the curb of a hospital smoking a cigarette. She said that Dr. Webb was wearing blue scrubs and a white lab coat when he sat next to her and started a conversation. He told the victim he went by the name "Alex."

The victim told police that she did not remember giving Dr. Webb her phone number or information, but she began receiving text messages and phone calls from a blocked number in the following days. She said that she "just trusted that he worked here…and wanted to help me," according to the report.

She said that later in the week, she believes Sunday, October 9, she checked herself into a local hospital, and was very upset with the treatment she was receiving. She said she was in contact with Dr. Webb at the time, and he offered to pick her up from the hospital.

Dr. Webb picked her up and gave her two pills that she identified as Valium, the victim told police. She said that Dr. Webb brought her to his home, which she believes is located in Conway, and when they got there, he gave her four more Valium pills and a rum and diet coke. She laid out by the pool while Dr. Webb left to "run errands," and when he returned home, he led her upstairs and proceeded to have sex with her, she said.

The victim told police that after Dr. Webb sexually assaulted her, he brought her back to his vehicle and took her home.

Other employees at the hospital, including a charge nurse and a security officer, confirmed to police that they saw Dr. Webb with the victim.

The arrest warrant alleges that Dr. Webb knew the victim suffered from substance abuse problems with a conversation with her. The warrant states he did provide her with prescription medication and alcohol under the guise of providing treatment in order to change her mental and physical state, then used those altered states to initiate sexual intercourse.

At a hearing Wednesday afternoon, bond was set at $20,000. During the hearing, Dr. Webb's defense lawyer stated that he is married with two children, and is a former chiropractor completing his residency at Grand Strand Medical Center.

Webb was wearing what appeared to be hospital scrubs at the hearing.

"Your honor, this is predatory nature," said Joshua Holford, with the 15th Circuit Solicitor's Office. "He sought out the victim, which is why the state thinks he's a danger to the community and would request certain restrictions."

That request was denied by the judge because he said a special board would have to make that call.

Webb's attorney, Melinda Knowles, described her client as a loving hardworking father of two who loved his job.

"Practicing medicine is his livelihood," Knowles said during the hearing. "I would certainly disagree with the solicitor's request to prevent him from doing that. And lastly, I ask that you set a reasonable bond in this case, possibly a PR bond. He's not a flight risk and he's not a danger to the community." 

Dr. Webb was listed as a resident physician of internal medicine on the Grand Strand Medical Center's website. His listing on the website has since been removed. He was arrested Wednesday morning and booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center, according to jail records.

Grand Strand Medical Center released the following statement:

Our priority is to provide the best care to our patients and to maintain a safe environment. The hospital suspended Dr. Webb after it learned of his arrest related to allegations of misconduct that occurred off our campus.

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