Locals with leftover debris will receive county help

Locals with leftover debris will receive county help

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Help may be on the way for those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

The Horry County Council announced a plan Tuesday to remove debris from damaged neighborhoods, although that plan only applies to public roads for now.

"After Hurricane Matthew the county has contracted to pick up vegetative debris on all county-maintained roads," said county spokeswoman Lisa Bouricer. "FEMA does not allow reimbursement for any private communities or private roads so we have asked them to waive that requirements so we can actually go into those communities and pick up debris."

People living on private roads are still without county help, although many still have bulk damage that needs to be removed. Council members proposed an emergency ordinance Tuesday night so that exceptions could be made that would allow county crews to venture into those communities.

Horry County is currently in phase two of its debris management plan, contracting companies to remove roadside debris from public streets for the time being. Officials say the pick-up will likely only happen once for each community, and they will do their best to get word out once the plan is fully formed.

Still, private communities may have to wait a little while longer, as Horry County can't act until the Federal Emergency Management Agency gives the OK.

"Because of the way the law is structured, they would have to name a neighboring county to participate in that agreement." said Bourcier.

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