Election Countdown: One week until Election Night

Election Countdown: One week until Election Night

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – It is exactly one week until the nation elects a new president and WMBF News' political expert is taking a look at the issues facing the candidates in these final days.

One of the issues Holley Tankersley, with Coastal Carolina University, addressed is how FBI Director James Comey notifying Congress of another batch of emails that may be connected to Hillary Clinton is affecting the race.

"The people who already supported Sec. Clinton have not been moved by this," Tankersley said. "The people who were already suspicious of the emails are still suspicious of the emails and won't support her because of it."

Tankersley added that, so far, recent polls show only marginal changes, which she said may be due to some independent Republicans finally deciding they could get behind Donald Trump.

If Trump can keep from switching the focus back to himself, he could keep it that way, according to Tankersley.

"If he's looking to just hold where he is and hoping he can pull off something in a swing state, a battle ground state or a blue state, then that is simply what he needs to do," she said. "Don't try to be provocative. Just hold what you have and play this out for the next week."

Right now both campaigns are focused on Comey, the FBI and Clinton's emails, with Trump hammering Clinton while Clinton and her campaign continue to question the bureau's intentions and timing.

While each candidate's base remains strong, Tankersley said it doesn't change the fact some are still undecided.

"You have undecided voters who are undecided because they like both candidates equally and you have undecided voters who are undecided voters because they dislike both candidates. And that's a very different situation," she said.

When looking back to other races, Tankersley can recall undecided voters being torn because the candidates were very similar. However, in this election she says it's really the opposite.

"So what we are seeing really is this question of, 'I can't decide because I really don't like either one of them.' The key there is how strongly do you dislike one or the other because disliking both candidates might depress voter turnout," Tankersley said. "Hating both candidates may force somebody into picking what people talk about, the lesser of two evils. So they are actually voting against one candidate even though they don't like the other candidate."

With one week to go, Tankersley suggests those who really can't decide to consider governing and picture each candidate in that role.

"Yeah it's about the policy stuff and that's important to me certainly and I think important to a lot of people," she said. "It's time to look past that (and ask) who can bring us together as fractured as we are, who can kind of heal wounds enough that the government can actually operate and get something done on the behalf of its people."

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