Marion County man accused of dragging, skinning cow from neighbor's property

Marion County man accused of dragging, skinning cow from neighbor's property

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A Mullins man is facing several charges after he allegedly dragged a cow from his neighbor's pasture, then skinned it and left the remains on his property, according to a Marion County Sheriff's Office report.

Paul Neil Johnson is charged with livestock larceny, ill treatment of animals, and malicious injury to animals, and was arrested in October for the alleged crime, according to jail records.

The report states that the owner of a property on Cox's Lake Court near Mullins arrived at his property and noticed a section of his wire fence was cut. He also saw tire tracks that appeared to lead into the posture, then out by reversing into the roadway. The property owner also told deputies that it appeared someone was dragged behind the vehicle.

The owner checked on his cows, and found that one full-grown black cow was missing from the pasture.

The owner told deputies he followed the tire tracks to a property on Channel View Loop, and due to prior incidents, knew the residence was owned by Johnson.

At that point, the owner contacted law enforcement and waited for a deputy to arrive. The deputy gathered the information from the owner, then responded to the Channel View Loop property, where he saw a skinning pole with fresh blood on the ground, animal organs laying in the swamp, and black cowhide.

Evidence was collected at the scene, and Johnson was arrested.

Johnson was released on October 28, according to jail records.

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