Myrtle Beach High student’s behind-the-scenes work puts him in the spotlight

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Remy DiAngelo plays a big role in the athletics program at Myrtle Beach High School, but he's not a football or basketball player.

In fact, it's his work behind-the-scenes that is earning him recognition.

Those that visit a Myrtle Beach High School football game on a Friday night may not know who it is running the scoreboards. Well, in fact, it's DiAngelo.

And for anyone who has sat in the stands during a lively Myrtle Beach High School basketball game, they have heard his voice as he also serves as a PA announcer for Seahawks basketball.

"I do a lot of announcing for our sporting teams," DiAngelo said. "I do basketball, I do banquets. Our pageants, that's definitely one of the biggest things I'd say I do at Myrtle Beach High."

On any given day, the proud senior can be found doing something positive at MBHS.

"I stay heavily involved here at Myrtle Beach, and really just dedicate my time to do anything I can while I'm here, because I am only here for a certain amount of time, for four years," DiAngelo said.

He added he is making the best of his time and his extracurricular activities, which also includes setting up equipment before the games in addition to the announcing.

His efforts are definitely noticed by the players.

"It gives them that boost of energy when they hear their name, when they make that three-point shot," DiAngelo said.

The senior is also the school's student body president and has served with student government all four years of high school.  He maintains a very rigorous class schedule with honors and AP courses, ye still manages to balance school work, volunteering and life in general.

"I think it has a lot to do with just not thinking about it," DiAngelo said. "You just got to do it. You've got to get up every day motivated and ready to go. You just push yourself, and if you're not having fun doing it then don't do it all."

His teachers describe him as an amazing young man with a passion for technology and robotics.

"Robotics and technology is actually what really pushed me to get involved in all of the things that I've done," DiAngelo said.

While his time at MBHS is winding down, DiAngelo said he still has things to do before he walks across the stage to accept his diploma.

"I am still going to try to keep moving forward - being persistent, getting up every day, doing what I got to do - to make it to that next level," he said.

DiAngelo said after he graduates he plans to attend college in either South Carolina or Florida and major in business administration.

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