Neighborhoods affected by Matthew not able to trick or treat this year

Neighborhoods affected by Matthew not able to trick or treat this year
(Source: Josh Roberson)
(Source: Josh Roberson)

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - The after effects of Hurricane Matthew may have put a slight damper on Halloween this year. Areas that typically see trick or treaters were still in clean up mode.

"There's no way the kids can even get out and play, ride around, or even go up into people yards to get candy." said Terri Straka.

The streets were not filled with costumed trick or treaters this year, but instead with piles of debris. The state department of transportation sent out a statement urging locals to steer clear of the mess.

"Just be cautious around them. You know, try not to climb in them. You don't know exactly what's underneath or what's in there. Whether it's any kind of sharp limbs or objects or any kind of snakes or anything like that. You just basically don't know what's in there." said Shannon Welch with SCDOT.

"I cleaned up the house as best I could and got up all the debris but as far as the yards and stuff, until we get the trash removed...which that's been kind of a stand still too because you have limits as far as taking it to the dump yourself. And it's so costly to have someone bring in the dumpsters and remove it that way." said Straka.

Parents say they'll have to travel to other neighborhoods this year if they want their kids to take part in the fun.

"It's just unfortunate that they have to go elsewhere and not be around the people that they're used to and that they trust and feel safe with." said Straka.

Local churches and community centers came through passing out flyers to those in the area so that they could have a place to enjoy Halloween, something Terri Straka says the kids in this neighborhood badly need.

"You can look in their faces and you can tell. They're sad. And they walk around in disbelief. It's like a third world country out here. It's like a wasteland."

SCDOT Reps say it should only be a few more days before crews are able to clear out the debris in the Socastee area, but for now those in Rosewood will be looking forward to next Halloween.

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