United Methodist Church helps rebuild Nichols

United Methodist Church helps rebuild Nichols

(NICHOLS, SC) - Nichols is in a state of disrepair since it was inundated by flood waters following Hurricane Matthew and the United Methodist Church led a group of volunteers to gut out several homes.

"So, what we're finding is the houses have some degree of water," said George Olive, the church's reverend who led the disaster response team. "Therefore flooring, carpeting, walls, cabinetry, appliances, a lot of the furniture all needs to be taken out and be disposed. And so we're in that clean out and tear out mode right now."

Nichols was flooded for several days. In fact, people who live there said there are still puddles left from the flood waters. Many homes have mold growing up the walls, with it reaching five feet high on one house.

"Clearly there are people here that need significant help," Olive said. "United Methodist will be here until we finish. If that takes two years that's what we're going to do."

It seems everyone in Nichols has a story about the flood waters. The pastor of the Methodist church said he woke up to water pouring into his home.

"We laid down in our bed exhausted, to kind of take a rest," said Eddie Collier, pastor of Nichols United Methodist Church. "I rolled over to lay my hand on the edge of the bed and my hand touched the water. And I told my wife 'I think we're in trouble.'"

Collier said it was through faith he and his wife were able to get out alive.

"The phones were dead, it was pitch black, I mean absolutely dark as a cave," Collier said. "I remembered one of my parishioner's phone numbers. My wife's phone picked up just long enough for me to call him and say 'Ronny this is Eddie. We're underwater and we need help,' and then the phone quit working."

United Methodist Church is in need of volunteers. Those who are interested can contact Olive by clicking here. Phone and emails are listed on the church website.

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