Family moves back into storm-damaged home on ‘Team SC Day’

Family moves back into storm-damaged home on ‘Team SC Day’

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It's been three weeks since Hurricane Matthew and some families in Marion County are just now able to go back home.

The Marion County Administration Building was filled with many people still in need on Friday afternoon who were attending the Team South Carolina Pee Dee Day organized by Gov. Nikky Haley.

There were numerous non-profits and state agencies there, along with Haley to ensure people that help is there for them. One mother and her seven kids have been living out of shelters the past three weeks because of tree damage to their Mullins home.

Tyesha Davis said she was encouraged, along with many other Nichols families who are still in shelters, to go to the event and talk with people who can offer the help that so many need.

Davis said she is taking it one day at a time, but Friday was a special day because she and her seven kids could finally walk through their front door and sleep at home for the first time since the hurricane.

"As a mother, that's all you think about," she said. "When the tree came through it was like a big boom. You know the house actually shook; it was just scary."

That 80-foot tree came crashing through their house and into her boys' room, according to Davis. She said the biggest blessing is no one got hurt.

"My first reaction was jump out of the bed," Davis said. "I jumped out and ran through the house and made sure everybody was OK."

Thankfully, Davis said just two days after the storm, her landlord hired a contractor to start the repairs, all the way from a new roof to the attic and inside the rooms.

She said she is glad the money isn't coming out of her own pocket to do the repairs.

"I would probably be looking for new housing, because that was just too much damage," Davis said.

She added that the day after the storm, they were trapped because of another downed tree at the end of the street until Mullins police rescued them.

"We'll just do with what we got and you know just be thankful that we were able to move back in our home," Davis said. "You know some of those people, they lost their whole house. I mean they don't even have a home to go back to. We are one of the lucky ones and all we got is tree damage. As far as the home, I mean I love the home, but as long as my kids are OK, that's all that matters."

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