Conway-area businesses cleaning up the mess left by flooding

Conway-area businesses cleaning up the mess left by flooding

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Rivertown Fitness on Main Street is cleaning up after flood damage, working to reopen to gym members.

"We got hit by the flood last year when we moved in," said Jonathon Sharpe, who owns RPT Sports, an athletic training business within Rivertown Fitness. "It wasn't as bad as this year, but then a year later here it comes again and this one was pretty bad."

The gym took on 16 inches of water during Hurricane Matthew, then another eight inches several days later from Crab Tree Swamp, which stuck around for a week and a half.

"A week and a half of just the water sitting in here is kind of what caused the problem and why it's taking so long to dry everything out," Sharpe said of the indoor turf, which he worked to dry out with fans Tuesday.

Sharpe once played in the NFL, but he said cleanup since the flood has been tough work. He's had to move heavy gym equipment across the building to clean it, rip out walls and scrub floors.

Some equipment is damaged, such as treadmills that were only a few months old. Workout bars that were once black are covered with orange rust. Sharpe said he hasn't had time to test out all of the equipment.

"It's just something time will tell if we lost it or not," he said.

He hopes to reopen Monday, but the front portion of the building will still need work.

"One of those things that we've always done is just prevailed when we've had bad circumstances," he said.

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