An exclusive interview with Gov. Haley's 'rock star' interpreter

An exclusive interview with Gov. Haley's 'rock star' interpreter

WEDNESDAY AT 11PM – If you watched any of Governor Haley's news conferences providing updates on Hurricane Matthew, you probably recognize sign language interpreter Jason Hurdich.

"People think I am animated or dramatic," says Hurdich, who became an internet sensation and was called a "rock star" by Gov. Haley for his live interpretation of vital information before, during and after Hurricane Matthew.

To the 65,000 residents in South Carolina's deaf community, he's a life-saver.

"I stayed in Columbia for a week and a half," Hurdich says. "I was not aware of damage to my home."

Wednesday at 11 p.m., we're airing an exclusive interview with Hurdich, where he talks about his experience interpreting for the governor in a time of crisis, and his efforts to help a local family who lost everything in the flood.

Watch clips of our interview below:

Prep Time:

Why his experience makes a difference:

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