2 men arrested for kidnapping, robbing auto dealer at gunpoint after taking car on test drive

2 men arrested for kidnapping, robbing auto dealer at gunpoint after taking car on test drive
Jonathan Saxton Cannimore. (Source: Rock Hill Polcie)
Jonathan Saxton Cannimore. (Source: Rock Hill Polcie)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – An auto dealer found running down the middle of a Myrtle Beach street in handcuffs told police that he had been kidnapped by two men who asked to take a car on a test drive, and was held at gunpoint inside the car as they drove around town before he managed to escape.

One man, 44-year-old Robert Michael Harris, was arrested in Myrtle Beach just after the victim was found, and the other suspect, 27-year-old Jonathan Saxton Cannimore, Jr., was arrested Monday in Rock Hill.

On Monday, October 17, Officers responded to the area of 9th Avenue South and Kings Highway to find the victim, an employee at a local auto dealership, running down the middle of the street in camouflage handcuffs, according to the police report.

The victim told police the suspects came into the dealership and said they wanted to test drive a vehicle, but did not have their driver's licenses with them. The victim agreed he would drive them to a nearby store to show the car to the wife of one of the suspects, the report states.

When they arrived at the store, the victim said he felt two guns on the back of his neck, and the suspects then put him in handcuffs. Harris then got into the driver's seat and drove to the Canterbury Apartment complex off Carolina Forest Blvd. The Cannimore said he was trying to get to Miami to see his dying son.

They then drove to a cash station on Kings Avenue and used one of the victim's credit cards. Two other credit cards were taken, along with $51 in cash, the report states. Cannimore then tried to choke the victim by placing his arm around the victim's neck while Harris helped. The victim was able to break out of the chokehold.

That's when they went to a Big Lots, where Cannimore bought rope and tape, the report states. Harris then drove the vehicle away while Cannimore was in the store, and stopped at a parking lot at 9th Ave. South and Kings Highway. The victim said that's when he was able to get out of the vehicle and took off running.

After officers found him, the victim described the suspects and said one had taken off south on Kings Highway, the report states. Officers in the area found Harris in the Food Lion parking lot at 1430 S. Kings Highway, and he was arrested. Harris was booked into the Myrtle Beach Jail on charges of carjacking, kidnapping, attempted murder, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to jail records.

Cannimore was stopped by police at about 2 a.m. Monday morning in Rock Hill for riding a bicycle without a functioning light. When his name was run through the National Crime Information Center, the officer found Cannimore was wanted by Myrtle Beach Police for attempted murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. He was arrested and taken to jail, where a hold was placed on him for Myrtle Beach Police. Lt. Joey Crosby confirmed Cannimore was wanted in connection with this case.

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