Copy-11-year-old finds burglar in his home

WAYNE, NJ (News 12/CNN) – A sixth grader made eye contact with a man who had broken into his home.

Allen Shneyderman, 11, came home from school Monday afternoon and says he immediately knew someone was inside.

At first, he thought it was his grandparents, but he quickly realized it was not.

"I hear a noise like someone shuffling through papers or something or he's trying to look through drawers. So I look around the corner and no one's there, and at that very moment, it stops. But then when I look around, it gets louder," Shneyderman said.

The boy followed the noise and came face to face with the burglar, he says.

In a school D.A.R.E. program, a police officer had told students that if they encounter an intruder, they should run, find an adult and call the police. Shneyderman listened.

"I immediately run out of the house very frightened and see that my neighbor Gail was driving by," he said.

Shneyderman and his neighbor called 911.

Police say the burglar left by the time officers arrived, but a suspect was later identified and arrested Tuesday.

"I wish that he just would be a normal person and not decide to steal things but be civilized and smarter," Shneyderman said.

The suspect allegedly took Shneyderman's cell phone, but the boy says he's just happy nothing else was taken from his home.

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