Garden City Beach locals remain strong in faith during Matthew recovery

Garden City Beach locals remain strong in faith during Matthew recovery

GARDEN CITY BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Hurricane Matthew damaged many oceanfront properties; the South Strand was hit particularly hard. Now one local church group is left picking up the pieces.

"My wife said she wanted to go sit out in the beach so she wanted me to check it out to see if it was legal yet. It is legal...if there was a beach." said Steve Feyer.

Feyer says he doesn't even recognize the community he's called home for the last 18 years. "This is a real mess," he said. "The sand is piled up there's no access to most parts to get to the beach."

As people continue to clean up the mess left by Matthew, one group is still being forced to wait.

"All of our dorms on our Marsh side are in three feet of water,"  said Casey Clark. "Our homes - of course we lost the roof off of that one. Everything, our whole campus, our chapel, everything was flooded - three feet."

Clark works at the Garden City Chapel, a year round church camp where groups from all denominations can come and worship. However, due the storm, the high tide and the marsh behind them, their campus is now under water.

"It's hard on everything," Clark said. "It just makes the recovery efforts for us a little bit harder because we have to wait on this to recede again to get back to work, but we've been real happy. We've had a lot of groups volunteer, and man, we just take it day-by-day."

While the damage may be bad, Clark said nothing will shake his faith. "The main thing for us is our families are safe," he said. "All the other stuff is materialistic. That's material things that can be replaced. But our lives are in check, and we thank God for that. We believe God is in control."

"You don't have time for that," Clark continued. "You don't drag your feet. It came. Nothing anybody could do about it. We did the best we could to prepare, but once it's over with you survey your damage and you get to work."

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