Houses on Recreation Road destroyed by flooding, storm

Houses on Recreation Road destroyed by flooding, storm
Water soaks the inside of a house on Recreation Road (Source: Amy Lipman)
Water soaks the inside of a house on Recreation Road (Source: Amy Lipman)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Of eight houses in the flooded portion around Recreation Road, seven are still standing and five have water inside.

"You'd never think you'd have 2 feet of water throughout your house," said Brian Herring. "It is what is. We ain't going nowhere. We'll just rebuild and do what we can do."

Herring can't stay inside his house now because of the flooding from the Intracoastal Waterway that was exacerbated by Hurricane Matthew. He can travel to it by boat, which he's able to use to float over the 4-foot fence that surrounds his property.

Herring said living along the Intracoastal Waterway is a way of life that he won't give up despite the flooding.

Neighbors are supporting each other right now and strangers from the community are also dropping off supplies to help.

Alexia Casey is one neighbor who has been helping Herring with the flooding problems inside of his house because her own house can't flood. It's a pile of rubble on Recreation Road after trees crashed into it during Hurricane Matthew.

Casey said she sat down to eat a sandwich when she and her husband heard a large limb fall on the roof. He looked out the window and told her to get the dogs and leave.

"Literally had enough time to back his truck up maybe about 10 feet and we watched both of them just come flat down on the house," Casey said. "One cut it directly right in half and the other was just resting on it."

Casey and her husband moved into the house two months ago to return to the area where they grew up. The home had to be demolished due to the damage from the trees.

"We tried to salvage out what we could, but there wasn't too much," she said.

Somewhere among the pile that remains of the house are items belonging to Casey's sister, who she said was murdered last November, and her daughter, who died as a baby from SIDS in March.

"There's no replacing that," she said. "A lot of it is sitting in that rubble still. I was more worried about that than my own belongings."

Casey said they plan to stay on Recreation Road.

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