Owner trying to revamp Myrtle Beach business once deemed a nuisance

Owner trying to revamp Myrtle Beach business once deemed a nuisance

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Crime, drugs and violence are just a few of the words people are likely to associate with the building that formerly housed the Club Heat nightclub.

That Myrtle Beach club was deemed a public nuisance and forced to close a year ago. Now, the owner of the building is trying to revamp the building and reopen it.

He's not trying to reopen it as Club Heat though. Instead, he wants to open it as a kind of mini-convention center to hold events.

The last residents heard about Club Heat was November 2015 after a new renter had taken over and reopened the club.

City officials forced him to close because the previous tenant had been charged with racketeering and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Myrtle Beach city law says a license can be revoked if the former owner engaged in unlawful activity.

Now, the owner of the property is not leasing it out to anyone and is instead taking control of it himself.

He did not want to go on camera with WMBF News, but said when he reopens the building, he wants to rent it out for wedding parties and group events.

But he has to change the zoning from its current zone, amusement, to mixed use in order to convert it to an event facility.

He added there will be no alcohol sold inside the building.

"We want the property owners, particularly in the south mixed-use area, to look at more creative uses for those properties," said city spokesman Mark Kruea. "If it's been a nightclub in the past, let's see what else we can do with that property. It's good to get some new ideas on the table. The planning commission will take a look and decide whether that use will work in that location."

The Myrtle Beach Planning Commission will go over the proposal at Tuesday's meeting

Despite the owner wanting to use the property to host events like wedding receptions, and group and business events in the future, city planners say they still have some concerns. One of them is parking.

"You want to make sure that things are compatible," Kruea said. "Parking is a part of that as well. The planning commission will need to make sure that parking will work for whatever use is proposed."

The owner said he would like to have a business up and running by early spring 2017.

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